Bean-to-Cup  Coffee Machines

What is bean-to-cup?


The benefit of the bean-to-cup machine is that each time it delivers a freshly made cup of coffee.


Coffee beans are stored in a bean hopper at the top of the machine, so when the operator presses the button, a measured dose of coffee beans are transferred through into a grinder and from there to a brewing chamber where hot water is passed through the ground coffee to make a fresh portion of coffee. The freshly made hot coffee is dispensed via a nozzle into the waiting cup at the bottom of the machine.


There is usually an option to add foamed milk for speciality coffees including cappuccino and latte.


The key advantages to the cafe operator are;


Ease of Operation - It is a straightforward push button operation which de-skills the preparation of coffee.


Consistency - The technology of the bean-to-cup machine ensures a high level of consistency, meaning that human error and variation are eliminated.


Speed of Service - The operator can use the bean-to-cup machine while also carrying out other connected services (prepping a food order/making a pot of tea, etc) as the machine does not necessarily demand 100% attention of the operator.


High number of cups per hour - For a busy site, coffees can be processed at a high rate through busy periods.





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Examples of professional quality bean-to-cup coffee machines.

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