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The designation Cafe-Bar neatly sums up the appeal of a venue which is open all day, from breakfast through to late evening.


The licensed Cafe works especially well throughout all of the day parts, offering breakfast, morning goods and afternoon tea and coffee, while satisfying the demand for alcoholic drinks arises at lunchtime and evenings.


In the context of a traditional European cafe-bar, sales of alcoholic drinks are usually served as an accompanyment to food, though in the UK the food offer has traditionally come in second place to drinks.


The influence of wine bar style led the design of the Cafe-Bar away from more a traditional pub format and into a more 'foodie' atmosphere. In a similar way that the Gastropub is still a pub atmosphere but with good food, the cafe-bar can embrace the qualities of a wine bar, but with great quality coffee as a 'hero' product.


Food presentation counters and preparation facilities which in a traditional bar or pub are usually hidden from view, tend to be sited up-front in full view of the customer, on the counter - reflecting the need for efficiency and fast service.


However, depending on the degree to which evening bar business is envisaged,  it must be possible through lighting, music and design, to transform the cafe-bar environment to suit the needs of the evening market


Cafe-bar styling may of course, be either in a traditional form or take a more contemporary direction, reflecting the physical/geographical context and the preferences of the client and target audience.

DSCN3380 DSCN3385

Food Theatre - chef's station in an adjacent dining area.

DSCN3378 The Pudding Compartment - view-03 Jahan Restaurant view-01A Basildon grd floor aerial

A contemporary Cafe-Bar scheme in Basildon, Essex.


Ground floor area showing a variety of seating types and bar.

Cafe-Bar design with Asian styling, featuring low level comfortable seating with coffee tables and bar servery.

Bold colours create a strong cafe-bar identity which works throughout the day parts for daytime and evening use.

DSCN3305 Voyager Cafe-Bar 01

Counter displays of prepared food products is a key component.