You have already made a start to develop your site and have decided that while there are some things that you are happy to do, you would like some external professional input to fill the gaps in certain areas, which may be specialist areas such as graphics, interior design or equipment specification.




You may feel that such things as redevelopment will benefit from the expertise and experience of an independent professional. If your time is best spent managing your business and you don't want to have your attention diverted away from your core duties, then we can design and project manage the project - reporting back to you throughout.





From either view point there are significant benefits in using our expertise -


Space planning - efficiently planned customer areas create  a better use of the available space, resulting in higher seating numbers and seating mix.


Staff  working areas - make sure that the staff area is planned efficiently with facilities and equipment in the right place to minimise cross-over and pinch-points.


Image and impact -  The interior design of the cafe must be designed to be comfortable, relaxing and with interesting features.


Brand Values - Your cafe business presents an image on the High Street which needs to be unique and memorable.

The experience that your customers receive when they visit your cafe, which is delivered through the quality of the coffee, the food and the efficiency and friendliness of the staff are all part of your Brand.


Logo and graphics - Your cafe's identity is the visible expression of the cafe brand.

The graphic design should convey something of these brand values and must be consistent with the interior and overall customer experience.


Equipment - There is a bewildering choice of cafe and catering equipment from coffee machines to refrigerated display cabinets and fly killers to mop sinks.  We can assist with the selection of equipment to do the right job at the right cost level.


Furnishings - The choice of furniture for a cafe is at the same time a subjective and objective matter.  Everyone has a personal preference, but in a public space like a cafe, you must make choices on behalf of others and with different objectives, dwell-times, level of comfort, accessibility, etc.

The selections must be commercial, servicable and robust. We will make recommendations and source products to solve specific problem situations.



Cafe layout for a site.

Making the most of limited space to create efficient work spaces.

Generally, cafe owners tend to take one of two approaches to cafe development.

To move your project forward, just call me to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

We will discuss the scope of the brief, what your objectives are for the project.

I will send you a fee proposal based on our three stage process (see link below).



A long, narrow site with access at the side as well as the front.


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Click here to explore the design process and how our three stage proposals are made up.

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The 'Hands Off' approach.

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