As you might expect there is no simple or definitive answer to that question.


The best solution comes as a result of understanding, formulating and answering a brief which can be developed into a well organised and creative design proposal.




Working out what the product range will be and how it will be delivered operationally is the starting point for the internal arrangement. Achieving the right balance of service areas and customer facilities, looking at customer flows and relative seating  capacities.



Understanding who will use the cafe - the target  audience - then creating a brand which appeals to that market, satisfying its needs and cultural aspirations.



We understand that the building blocks of the  brand come from the brand values that must permeate every graphic, interior design and operational decision made.



The logo, menus, uniforms tableware, counters furniture, lighting, furniture, atmosphere, service style, product offer, are all an expression of the brand's core values.



The personality of the brand must be distinct from that of its competitors and have distinct or unique points of difference. Customers must have reasons to visit your cafe as opposed to a competitor.



Take a look at some examples of our café project designs ...

What makes a great Café?


Operational format

We were appointed as designers and project managers for the franchise roll-out programme of the new Lavazza Espression cafe concept, originally created by the Lavazza Team in Turin.


Chosen for our long experience in the design and project management of cafes for UK clients, we have been examining suitable sites and developing the designs to fit the concept into the site in a way which optimizes space and which meets the relevant UK regulations.


The first cafe site to open was in November 2012, at The Trafford Centre in Manchester, withinThe Orient restaurant and Cafe-Bar quarter.


Franchisees are rapidly understanding the strength of the brand, with the provenance of the parent company Lavazza representing the largest coffee roasting operation in Europe.


A sophisticated coffee production unit with bluetooth linked grinder and espresso machine delivering accurate coffee portions and consistent quality of coffee.


A separate hot water unit delivers hot water efficiently, with two tea making temperature options.


Polaroid-Garden-Centre Polaroid-Ahlens Polaroid-Bewleys Polaroid-Burj-al-Arab,-Dubai Polaroid-Fazer-Kitchen Polaroid-Lavazza Polaroid-New-York-Deli Polaroid-Skye-Cafe Polaroid-Snoozebox Polaroid-St.Davids-Centre,-Cardiff Polaroid-VIVA Polaroid-Caffe-RITAZZA

Market positioning

Brand architecture

Brand format

Brand personality


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