Traditional Espresso machines


High quality traditional coffee machines featuring patented coffee making  technology by La Spaziale.


S40 Range


S40   2-group machine

S40   3-group machine

S40   4-group machine

S5 Range

s5-ek-ta-group3 La Spaziale S5-EK-TA-group2 s5-ek-group1

S5   Single-group machine

Standard height.

S5   2-group machine

Tall version for Takeaway cups

S5   3-group machine

Tall version for Takeaway cups

"A fantastic, high quality & reliable professional machines that have a great reputation in the industry and will act as a dependable 'workhorse' for your coffee business".

"Top of the range equipment, loaded with features to make the best cup of coffee you could hope to serve".

Budget-conscious options

"Competent commercial coffee making equipment to consider, which will appeal to those working to a budget".



S2   Single-group machine

s2-ek-group2 s2-ep-group3

S2   2-group machine

S2   3-group machine

A small shop or domestic option

"Professional standard manufactured equipment in a small package and with the option of a built-in water tank, making it suitable for transporting to exhibitions".

red-armonia 2-group



S1   2-group machine

with water tank. 13A

S1   Single-group machine

with water tank. 13A.

Call 01565 832573  for prices & delivery.

Call 01565 832573

for prices & delivery.


S1   Vivaldi. Single-group machine -plumbed in. 13A.